How to select the right weapons?

Selecting the right weapon in Playeruknown’s Battlegrounds is crucial – the weapon that you use during the first minutes of the game will determine your chances for winning. It is possible to fight with any available weapon but some of them are more effective in certain situations than others.

Weapons were divided into 9 categories:

Assault Rifles – the most practical weapons that are good for any distance. Finding an assault rifle is mandatory. Bullets are fired at high rate, and thus it is easy to hit moving opponents and/or enemies located far away.

SMG – this guns are good for close and mid-range combat. They can inflict major damage in short time but the accuracy will decrease as the distance increases. Low fire rate makes it difficult to hit moving enemies and/or opponents located far away.

Sniper Rifles – guns useful for mid-range and long range combat. Some of these weapons (e.g. Kar 98, AWM and M24) can eliminate an enemy with a single headshot. Just like assault rifles, these weapons have high rate of fire. Not recommended for close combat due to long reloading time.

DMR – a combination of assault and sniper rifles. Can deal high damage and has high rate of fire. Unfortunately, limited clip capacity makes it extremely important to hit your target with every bullet you fire. Thus, DMR should be used for mid-range and long range combat.

Weapon selection depends on your personal preferences. However, its wise to have at least one assault rifle. - Selecting the right weapons | Tips for a good start - Tips for a good start - PUBG Game Guide

Weapon selection depends on your personal preferences. However, it’s wise to have at least one assault rifle.

Shotguns – very useful for close combat, as you can kill and enemy with a single shot, even if the opponent has armor. The main disadvantage of a shotgun is its range – if your target is located several dozen meters away from you, it’s highly possible that the shell won’t even leave a scratch. Thus make sure to use it only between or inside buildings.

Pistols – guns that you will use only at the very beginning of a match or during critical situations. Most pistols deal barely any damage, which means that you would need up to 6 hits to eliminate an opponent with no armor. Thus, use them only if you don’t have other options, or when you run out of ammo for your regular weapon.

LMG – a combination of assault weapons and machine guns. Ammo clips are huge and the very weapon can deal major damage. The main problem is that you use a lot of ammo and it’s easy to run out of it very fast.

Melee weapons – use them if you have absolutely nothing else to fight with. Although melee weapons can deal a lot of damage, (60 points against a target with no armor) you need to stand right next to your target. You may want to look around for a Pan – if you keep it on your character, some bullets that hit your back, will not deal any damage.

Bows – so far, there is only one weapon in this category – a Crossbow. Bolts deal tremendous damage, and can kill with a single hit. Unfortunately, the weapon has a huge disadvantage – you need to reload it after each shot, which takes several seconds. The Crossbow can be used for long range combat, and bolts don’t make any noise (you can fire at your targets without being spotted).

Shotguns and SMG are perfect for compounds. - Selecting the right weapons | Tips for a good start - Tips for a good start - PUBG Game Guide

Shotguns and SMG are perfect for compounds.

You have a wide range of weapons to choose from. When selecting your weapons, think in which situations you can use them best. if you want to focus on striking your opponents from long distance, and you want to remain undetected, find a sniper rifle (it’s always good to carry it with you!) or even the Crossbow. However, if you want to engage in close combat, one should carry a shotgun or a machine gun (and place a mid-range or a long range weapon in the second slot).

On the other hand, it’s better to equip yourself with weapons that can be used in any situation. Two assault rifles, and assault rifle and a pistol, or an assault rifle and a sniper rifle are the best combinations – you will be able to fight regardless of the location and distance. Just remember to adjust your weapons according to the location of the fighting zone – if the white zone includes a city, a shotgun may be a good choice.

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