Red zone

Apart from the white and blue zones described in the previous chapter, (“Fighting zones – white and blue zones”) there is one more zone – the red one. This one differs from the previous ones. The red zone appears randomly, every several dozen seconds, and covers a small area. Shortly after it appears, the entire red zone will be bombarded. The missiles can destroy any vehicle or kill a player if he/she remains within their range. Thus, you need to pay attention what happens around your character. The mini-map should help you with that – use it to find out if your character ended up within a red zone. If the mini-map turns red, you are in the danger zone.

If the mini-map turns red, your character ended up in the red zone. - Fighting zone - red zone | Battlefield - Battlefield - PUBG Game Guide

If the mini-map turns red, your character ended up in the red zone.

Some interesting facts about the red zone:

  1. Once it appears, a player has a few seconds before the zone gets bombarded.
  2. Red zones don’t move – it will not change its position, as the blue one would.
  3. There cannot be more than one red zone at a time. It can appear in only one place, and once the bombardment is over, a new one will appear after several seconds.
  4. Red zones can appear anywhere, even outside a white zone and far away from any players.
  5. A single bomb will always kill a character and can destroy any vehicle.
  6. A Character inside a building is safe but he cannot stand by a door or look through a window.
  7. Remaining inside a red zone during the bombardment does not mean instant death. Bombs land randomly, and thus it is possible to survive the strike. Still, it’s better to keep away from danger by moving outside of the zone or hiding in a building.

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