Light Machineguns (LMG)

Light machineguns (LMG) are weapons that somewhat combine characteristics of submachine guns and assault rifles. Their rate of fire is higher than in the case of assault rifles, they deal slightly more damage and have larger magazines, but their accuracy is lower. Thanks to this, they are perfect over short and medium distance and slightly less effective over long distance. However, there also are downsides of these weapons. The first one is the magazine size and rate of fire. With continuous fire, you can deplete the entire magazine. Fans of weapon modification will not be satisfied, because you can only attach sights to this weapon.

So far, there only is one weapon of this type available in the game – M249, which can only be obtained from supply drops. The below table presents information on this weapon – damage dealt, clip size and ammo type,and available firing modes.

Weapon Damage Clip size Ammo type Firing modes


40 100 5.56 Auto

Note – the above damage refers to damage taken by the opponent hit in the chest, without an armor. Damage dealt differs, depending on the armor type and damaged body part – See the chapter entitled “How to minimize damage taken”.

There are several things to remember, while using this type of weaponry:

  1. Light machineguns are the most effective over short and medium distances, but their effectiveness drops with distance to the target.
  2. LMGs cannot be fitted with a silencer, so you can well forget about being stealthy, while using this weapon.
  3. The only LMG available in the game is M249, only with automatic firing mode. This may be problematic, if you want to engage an enemy far away.
  4. Just like above, you can only attach optics to this weapon – you can neither upgrade by a larger clip or a different nozzle.
  5. Weapons of this type devour ammo at a high rate, so you will have to restrict yourself and not fire long bursts.

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