Healing and boosting characters

Each character in the game starts with 100 points of (or 100%) health. During the game, every player is sure to take greater, or lesser, damage (or die immediately from a gunshot wound), which decreases the health bar.

Medkit is one of the crucial items in the game. - Healing and boosting your character | Battlefield - Battlefield - PUBG Game Guide

Medkit is one of the crucial items in the game.

Obviously, reaching 0 HP (0%) ends in the player’s death, when he is returned to the main menu. This requires you to heal your wounds on a regular basis and keep your character alive for as long as possible.

You can use various healing items and boosters to attain this. In the game, there are 6 such items – 3 healing and 3 boosters. These are:

  1. Bandage – regenerate 10 HP within 3 seconds, they require 4 seconds to administer. Bandages can replenish up to 75 HP, they cannot be used afterwards.
  2. First Aid Kit – replenishes the character’s HP up to the level of 75, require 6 seconds to administer. Just like bandages, they cannot heal beyond the level of 75 HP.
  3. Medkit – after 8 it requires to administer, it replenishes HP to the maximum possible level (100), regardless of the number of points before administering.
  4. Energy Drink – a booster, which provides 40 boost points. Thanks to this, your health regenerates slowly over time and it can heal maximum amount of HP.
  5. Painkillers – an upgraded version of the above, which provides 60 boost points. Apart from replenishing health, it can also provide a small bonus to speed of movement.
  6. Adrenaline Syringe – an adrenaline shot that provides 100 boost points and fills up the entire boost bar. Thanks to this, the character regenerates health and receives a bonus to speed of movement.

As you can see, each of the items provides a different value, which is why they are best used in different situations to achieve best effects. Keep the following in mind, while using the said items:

  1. If your character has taken damage and there is no enemy around that would jump you, use bandages to heal. This takes longer, but will save you some other, more potent items.
  2. If you require immediate healing, use First Aid Kit or Medkit for immediate replenishment of 75 or 100 HP, respectively, without the necessity to use several bandages. This comes in handy, when you cannot spare time for lengthy healing – while under enemy fire, or when the blue zone is on your back.
  3. If your character has 40-50 HP, there is no point in using anything else than bandages – the effectiveness of First Aid Kit will be wasted (because it will only heal 25 HP, measly 15 more than in the case of bandages) and it is better to save Medkit for pressing situations, when your HP drops to critical level (around 20).
  4. Use boosters after you heal your character with bandages and First Aid Kit – thanks to this you will regenerate 75 HP to the full amount quickly.
  5. In the final minutes of the game, when there are few players left (10-15) and the battlefield has shrunk considerably, try to retain the boost effect with boosters. This will ensure constant regeneration of health to your character and, if the boost bar exceeds 60%, it also provides a small bonus to speed of movement.

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