Handguns in Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds often make the first firearm that you obtain and which you often use in the first seconds of the game. Firearms of this group play, somewhat, a role complementary to the weapons – they are used at the beginning of the game and are then replaced by the main weapon that is more powerful, has a larger clip and/or is effective over a longer distance.

It is a good idea to use handguns appropriate for your skills. - Handguns | Weapons - Weapons - PUBG Game Guide

It is a good idea to use handguns appropriate for your skills.

there are 4 handguns in the game – P1911, P92, P18C and R1895. The below table provides information on all weapons in this group – damage dealt, clip size ammo type and available firing modes.

Weapon Damage Clip size Ammo type Firing mode


32 7 .45 Single


27 15 9mm Single


19 17 9mm Single



42 7 7.62 Single

Note – damage provided in the table refer to a player hit into the chest and not wearing any protection. Depending on the armor and the hit body part, damage will be different – to learn more, see chapter entitled “How to minimize damage taken”.

There are several things to remember, while using this type of weaponry:

  1. Handgun should be perceived as a side weapon, rather than the main weapon. If you have on you a weapon that will work better for the current situation (shotgun and SMG for short distance, assault rifle and sniper rifle for medium and long distance), do not even think of using the handgun.
  2. Handgun is worth using after you have depleted ammo in your main weapon’s magazine. It is better to take the odds and try to kill the enemy with the handgun, than waste several seconds on reloading the weapon, when you become defenseless.
  3. Match the handgun with your own preferences and skills. If you are a good shot, and the majority of the shots you fire reach their target, it is a good idea to obtain P1911 or R1895. Both of these have very small clips, but they deal high damage (higher than some assault rifles and sniper rifles!) – and they are, therefore, effective in the hands of a player that can shoot well. If you are a poor shot, it is better to use P92 or P18C – the more bullets the higher that chance of hitting the target.
  4. Handgun silencers are extremely effective – the enemy will not be able to hear you from the distance of over 100m (and he will have difficulty hearing you within the distance).

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