Energy Drink


Energy Drinks are drinks loaded with caffeine, sugar, taurine, guarana, and other such chemicals that induce a feeling of energy and a “perking up” of senses in users. These drinks are used in-game as a healing item.


Energy Drinks increase a character’s boost by 40 instantly which can make the player’s health slowly increase above the 75. Performing certain actions while casting this item – for example moving, riding in a vehicle (only in bumpy roads not smooth roads), shooting or getting shot- will cancel it. The boost duration will last around ~ 2 minutes with a total health regen around ~ 23%.


  • Taking 1 energy drink is the only consumable that won’t grant you speed and health at the same time. You will need to drink 2 energy drinks in order to get this boost.
  • Stacking energy drinks to full boost bar does not make you heal faster, taking 1 energy drink does the same healing per second.
  • Stacking energy drinks to full boost bar will only make you run faster and heal you for x amount of minutes.
  • Full boost bar will gain you around ~ 86% of your health over time.


  • Back in Alpha – Closed Beta, when you full ‘boosted’ with painkillers, energy drinks or adrenaline syringe. It granted you better weapon accuracy in one of the bars. This was later on removed when the game was released in Steam Early Access for unbalanced purposes.
  • The energy drink bases its appearance on the Austrian energy drink brand Red Bull, but is due to license reasons called Hot Bull.

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