They have been developed thousands of years ago and, it may seem that they are out of place in the modern battlefield. However, they are used by some units even today and therefore, they are also present in Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds. Crossbow is an unique weapon – there is only one type of this weapon available in the game and, this is why it is simply known as Crossbow. What is characteristic for this weapon is its high precision. It deals some of the highest damage in the game and bolts it fires make virtually no noise, apart from a faint hiss audible over a dozen-or-so meters. However, there also are downsides to the crossbow. The range of the weapon is strictly limited and it is only effective over medium distance (300-400 meters) at best, and after each shot you take, the weapon needs reloading which takes several seconds.

Crossbow is a unique weapon and is effective only in some situations. - Crossbows | Weapons - Weapons - PUBG Game Guide

Crossbow is a unique weapon and is effective only in some situations.

In the game, there is only one crossbow available. The below table presents information on this weapon – damage dealt, clip size and ammo type and available firing modes.

Weapon Damage Clip size Ammo type Firing modes


105 1 Bolt Single

Note – the above damage refers to damage taken by the opponent hit in the chest, without an armor. Damage dealt differs, depending on the armor type and damaged body part – See the chapter entitled “How to minimize damage taken”, for more information.

There are several things to remember, while using this type of weaponry:

  1. Crossbow can be used over medium distance (150-400 meters). The only problem over short distance is the single bolt to fire, which requires you to reload and become vulnerable to enemy fire, after each shot you take. Over larger distances, however, accuracy drops.
  2. You can equip crossbow with Quiver for Crossbow. By default, crossbow is fitted with a sight that resembles a laser one. Optics can also be replaced
  3. This weapon is highly context-dependant. It is perfect for stealthy elimination, because firing it makes virtually no noise (the enemy will not be able to hear you from a distance of a dozen-or-so meters), and if accurate, a single shot can eliminate the enemy. The downside is the fact that it is effective over medium distance and it takes up one slot for the main weapon – if you find any assault rifle or sniper rifle, it is much better to replace the crossbow.

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