Clearing the first building and collecting basic gear

Once you decide, whether you want to jump right away or wait for some time, you need to pick a place that you will head for. When in the parachute mode, take some time to look around (use the ‘ALT’ button) and search for nearby enemies (if possible, memorize their locations and prepare for an assault from their direction) and interesting places. First, you should head towards buildings which consist of several floors – top floors often offer better weapons, and sniper rifles or modified assault rifles can sometimes be found on roofs.

Collecting an assault rifle (M16A4 in this case) is one of your main objectives during the first seconds of any match. - Clearing your first building and collecting basic gear | Basics - The Course of The Game - PUBG Game Guide

Collecting an assault rifle (M16A4 in this case) is one of your main objectives during the first seconds of any match.

Clear the building as quickly as possible, select the best available weapon and reload it. If there were no enemies around, you can move to another building and search it. Stick to the following rules:

1. If you were unable to spot any players before the landing, you may assume that there won’t be anyone else in the area, and you can focus on plundering nearby buildings. However, if you land in the city center, a military base or near a power plant, you need to watch your back – you will ALWAYS come across other players.

2. If you know that the enemy is nearby, or you are not sure about his presence, try to make as little noise as possible and be careful – use ‘C’ button to move quietly (crouch)and ‘CTRL’ (silent walk). This way the enemy will not notice you that easily.

3. Ignore the previous rule if you want to reach a building located several dozen meters away, or you want to run through an open field and you know that there are enemies nearby. It’s better to sprint than stay for too long in their sight. If someone starts firing at you, run in a zigzag manner.

4. Don’t fire if you don’t have to. Shooting in the air or at an enemy who is running into a building, makes no sense and can only give away your position. Defend yourself only if they attack you, and strike when you know that you will hit your target – when he/she is looking through a balcony window or running out of a building.

5. If you manage to kill an opponent, think carefully if you really want to collect his gear. If the body is covered (behind rocks, inside a building or on a hill) you can safely collect the items. Otherwise, you may decide to leave the equipment alone – it’s possible that other players are also watching the fallen body.

6. From time to time, a plane will appear on the map. A crate full of supplies will be dropped – inside you can find the best available items in the game (best weapons, camouflage, armor, and level 3 backpacks). Unfortunately, the plane will often lure other players, and thus sometimes it’s better to let it go. If the crate was dropped near your location (or you have a vehicle that can take you there quickly), try to reach it. However, if the crate is located far away, just forget about it. If you are playing as a team, send one of you to collect the items and make the rest cover him/her.

7. Don’t waste your time on searching dozens of buildings. Grab the most important items, such as weapons, armor, medicine, and a car if possible. Once you do that, head for the white zone. The more time you spend in a given place, the more possible it is that you won’t get to the zone on time. Besides, other players are likely to get there before you.

Devote these first several dozen seconds and get an assault rifle (and if possible, another long weapon, e.g. a sniper rifle), armor, a helmet, a backpack (the best that you can get), and some medicine and grenades (at first, collect all that you come across). Once you get these items, head for the white circle visible on the map.

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