Clash Royale: How to Select Your Deck for Beginners

This guide is for Arena 1. After complete the training camp, going into arena 1, you will have the following cards. As for a beginner, it is hard for me to know what is the difference between these card and how to use them. As I play the game more, a good choice of the card for you deck is vital to your win. Here I will give you a brief overview of what are these cards, what are they good at, and what supporting card it is best to work with.  Click on the card to read the details;


Properties: 3-elixirs, strong at defense and attack, specially target for groundStrategy: The Knight can be used as a tank for smaller troops. He is a great card to use at the front of a mini-push.

Work Best with:  Skeletons, Goblins or Spear Goblins

Best in Attacking: Dark Prince, Executioner, Miner, and Giant Skeleton due to his health, Wizard or a Witch due to his fast hit speed, also deal great damage to a Princess Tower

Attack him with: The Knight can only target one target at a time. Using cards such as Guards or Skeleton Army will distract and overwhelm the Knight






source of cards in small

source of cards in big, source of strategy



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