Clash Royale: 8 Tips will help you easily win battles

Hi Everybody, I have just download Clash Royale from Supercell, played it for a few hours. This is a really good game, easy to understand, fun to play. Me, as an absolute beginner, I really frustrated when I started to battle with online players, since my deck was so weak at the beginning.

After playing for hours, and digging into different online resources, Here are some useful tips for Clash Royale Beginners.

Clash Royale Free Gems Scam

Don’t trust any Clash Royale free gems generator

Don’t Trust any Free Gem Generators

When I try to search information about Clash Royale from google, a lot of GEM generators pops up in the search. It was so attractive, so I give it a try. But, of course, there is nothing I got, just results in the web page ask me to download some unknown apps from unknown web site, with all those security warnings, anti-virus pop up on my computer… nightmare.

You are warned, there is no such tools, if you found some of these tools on website and there is a lot of comment saying it is awesome, just skip that since all those comment are fake .



Clash Royale: Elixir is important in choosing your team.

Elixir is important in choosing your team.

Elixir is important in choosing your team.

As a beginner, each card have a few figures, but the only one I can understand is damage ^_^, so I tends to choose cards with higher damage, in order to get more attack for the enemies. But at the same time, higher damage card usually need longer time to prepare, the higher Elixir mean longer time to spawn. As in the battle, when enemies attack you, you may need to spawn a few soldiers to join the battle quickly, instead of waiting our heavy giant to appear. So you can choose combination of deck with both heavy attackers, and some light weight buddies. A good balance of team is better than all big guys.



Clash Royale: Know which card work best

Know which card work best

Know which card work best when used together

As you may find some of the character move fast, but weak like skelton, while some other character, like giant, move slow, but strong. So these two can be a very good combination to work together, deploy skelton first to use as a shield of defense, which putting giant follow up as the heavy attacker.

There are much more good combination of cards and I will cover more in later topics.



Clash Royale: Make use of Middle Ground to kill offender

Make use of Middle Ground to kill offender

Make use of Middle Ground to kill offender

As the game layout of Clash Royale, defense your land at the bridge may not be a good idea, when attacker comes, you can wait until them move into the middle ground between the left and right tower. This area is within the attack range of all 3 towers, together with the troop you deployed, you can kill the enemies much quicker here.

Clash Royale: Focus on one tower first

Focus on one tower first

Focus on one tower first, then the other, finally the central tower

You may find if you destroyed one of the tower, you can deploy you new troop over the bridge, make it even faster to attack on the central tower. So my advice is you keep deploy the attack troop on one side, try to take down one of the left or right tower first. Then you can take on the other tower. Finally attack the central tower.



Clash Royale: wait for your opponent to move first

Wait for your opponent to move first

Do not rush to deploy, wait for your opponent to move first

As a beginner, I always deploy the first card when elixir is enough, that is not a good strategy, as this cause me miss out team up of the units, and also I may placing the wrong side of the map. It will be wise if you just wait for the elixir to build up, and wait for your opponent to deploy first

Deploy Slow Unit behind the Central Tower

The idea is since the slow unit like giant is move slow, when it walked to the battle zone near the river, the elixir may be already regenerated and you can deploy more other unit to support it.



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Watch Real-time battle on Social to learn from advanced Player

Clash Royale have a tab at the bottom called social. Here you can join other clans. One of the very useful feature here I found is I can watch other people playing in real time. So I can learn from other advanced players. Of course you may also find game play on youtube channels, cheers.

Hope you guys enjoy playing Clash Royale, will update when I got more progress.






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