Guns Royale: Tips For Success


This is a complete guide with hints, tips, tricks, answers and solutions for the game, Guns Royale.

About the game Guns Royale:

Start with nothing. Find gear and weapons. Outwit. Outplay. Be the lone survivor of the Battle Royale!

BATTLE online opponents in the new open arena game Guns Royale! Both PvP and PvE gameplay available! Play this new survival shooter game and enjoy hours of fun!

Race to collect new guns and level-up as quickly as possible to dominate your competition. Take on each opponent and compete for #1! Choose your weapons wisely, battle till you can’t stand and dominate the arena!
What are you waiting for? Grab your gun and get shooting!
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Guns Royale Features:

• Battle Online Players
• Addicting survival shooter that’s easy to learn, but hard to master.
• Jump into online battles against other players!
• PVP gameplay against players around the world!

Collect All the Guns
• Search the ground for special guns and other weapons!
• Keep collecting to have an advantage over other players.

Guns RoyaleBlock-style Graphics & Characters
• Simple block-style graphics great for intense battle!
• Collect gear to customize your characters.
• Unlock new, hilarious block characters and show your style of gameplay.

Guns Royale ain’t no game of Go Fish! This game is about guns, guns and bigger guns! Take the battle to the blocky online arena where you’ll search and collect more guns and items! Earn more Experience Points in PVP battles and rise to the top of the block battleground! Grab your gun, find more guns and gear, and get shooting! BATTLE against online players in this survival shooter in Guns Royale!

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Starting Out

Choose your spawn point wisely. There’s a bunch of places you can choose to start from but you want to concentrate while you pick. Focus on a spot where there are plenty of buildings. Buildings tend to mean good items and a few useful guns along the way.

The downside to this approach

Well, that’s what everyone else is probably going to do too. It’s worth the risk but be ready to move quickly and fight the moment you spawn.

Running away

Running away is a good idea if you happen to spawn right next to someone.

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Find a weapon as soon as possible

Generally, you want to be looking for bigger and better weapons as you go but any weapon is better than your puny pistol that’s given to you automatically at the start.

Rarity leve

Each weapon has a different rarity level and, obviously, the rarer the better.

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It’s a similar story for your clothing too. It might not seem like it’ll make much of a difference but it really does add up. Some will reduce the damage you take while others increase your movement speed. Focus on having some useful equipment at all times.

Staying Alive

Notice the ticker at the top of the screen telling you how many players are left? It’s important to keep an eye on that. You’re going to be tempted to go in guns blazing but that’s not the best idea.
Hide in some buildings and keep out the way while the numbers go down. Wait till it gets to a lower number then sneak out and hunt some enemies down. It’s a far better strategy than getting caught up in a mass brawl.

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Don’t forget to move when the game reduces the map though! If you’re left outside the play zone, you’ll take damage which would be such a stupid way of getting hurt.
First aid kits are available if you pick one up. Try your best to have one available at all times. It takes a couple of seconds to activate and only heals about 20% of your health, but it adds up and can make the difference between life or death.
Grenades are the killer weapon to have. And hard to find. You can throw them at people or simply drop them behind you. Be warned though – you can blow yourself up with one so be careful!

What’s with the Diamonds?

Diamonds are used to upgrade your attributes such as speed, defense, and ammo capacity. Grinding your way to success is an option but no one’s going to blame you for buying some to get the edge, especially early on.
You can always watch ads to gain coins which can lead to diamonds too. It’s tedious but it’s a simple enough way to potentially gain the advantage.

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You start off with a pistol, but this isn’t very useful due to its slow rate of fire and low damage. At best, it’s there for if you need to finish off an enemy late in the game and you’re completely out of ammo. If an enemy has superior firepower, it’s better to escape and live to fight another day. You can find pistols that have silencers and have better stats.
The SMG fires a lot of bullets but isn’t very powerful. This is a good weapon to have in place of the pistol, and you can find silenced SMGs, but it’s not going to be the weapon that gets you most of your kills.
Shotguns don’t hold a lot of ammo, but the short-range spread fire is very handy for close-range fights. Only use these when you’re sure you can hit the enemy, because you will run out of ammo quickly.
Rifles are the best of both worlds. They do more damage than SMGs, and have more ammo than shotguns. If you have a good rifle, you’re set to do a lot of damage in combat.
Grenades automatically are launched toward the closest enemy. They’re difficult to use, so it’s best to use them in situations where you’re watching a group of enemies fighting and you want to weaken them all if possible.




Use YouTubers and Twitch.TV for Gameplay Strategy

Guns Royale is *so* new there’s very little in the way of written material regarding the game. As a result, you’re going to want to head over to YouTube for strategies and gameplay tips.

Finding actual strategy guides is proving difficult, but as the game expands you’ll be sure to find all sorts of helpful resources from players and streamers as obsessed with the game as the fanbase.

For now, be patient, and DO NOT buy-in to the numerous videos suggesting there are ‘cheats’. Rarely, if ever, are there cheats for popular, online-only mobile games. You’re being scammed.

That said, watch this space for updates on the best strategy videos and guides available for title.

Get Active On The Reddit

Guns Royale Tips & Strategy & Cheats

For some inexplicable reason, the Guns Royale Reddit is completely blank as of this writing. As any Hearthstone, Pokemon GO, Clash Royale, or DOTA player would tell you, a game’s reddit is the place to go for new information; including strategy and tips, as well as news, regarding a game.

The Reddit is in desperate need of activity. If you have questions, post them there. If you have strategy and tips, swing them there too. The key to a good game like this is a solid community. If players (and that means you!) want Guns Royale to succeed, they need to congregate, share, and succeed, and Reddit is often the best place to do that.

Play With a Good Connection

Guns Royale Tips

Playing this game via the data from your phone can be a mixed bag. I’ve run into a situation where I’d dive into a game and promptly die without even knowing why, due to my own lag.

If you’re going to dive into a game like this, with multiple players connecting from across the world, you want to give yourself every advantage you can. Be certain to play on a strong wifi connection.

If you don’t you might wind up facing instant disconnects, serious lag, and losing games before they even begin, which is great for coins, but not so awesome for players who want to win that delicious digital, pixely, chicken dinner.

Beware Launch Week Jitters; Keep an Eye on the Twitter (And Facebook)

There’s gonna be bugs. You know it. I know it. The Developers know it. In the first few days of release, players have had issues connecting to servers, some weird glitches like getting into a game and being bounced out to the menu, and so on.

There’s also numerous questions about gameplay mechanics and certain types of ammo, and the developers, Wizard Games, have been quick on the reply, releasing ‘tips of the day’ explaining the various gameplay functions within the game.

Until the game community becomes galvanized and immersed to the point where they can answer these questions amongst themselves, you’re going to have to look to the developers as your primary resource for answers regarding Guns Royale gameplay – via their twitter, or the previously linked-to Facebook.

That said, this game is absolutely in its infancy, and boy oh boy it’s a huge infant. The game is blowing up – faster than people can write about it.

If *you* have tips, suggestions, or resources, be sure to share them in the comments below for your fellow players. You might just save a life.

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